Stop smoking

If you’ve tried everything from nicotine patches, to e-cigarettes to cold turkey, you know it’s not easy to stop smoking.

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Digestive Issues & IBS

Would you like to feel light again and relieve bloating, acid reflux, and constipation? Looking for effective Irritable Bowel Syndrome relief? (more…)

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Pain Relief

You may have tried pills, ice packs and hot packs for pain management but do they really give you lasting relief? (more…)

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Stress relief

Stress and anxiety arises from many factors and affects us in various ways. Address the cause of your stress so you can get on with your day with calm and joy… (more…)

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Women’s Health

You and your baby are in safe hands with Acupuncture. Need to relieve nausea and sickness in Pregnancy? (more…)

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