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Improve Your Digestion with Acupuncture

»Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Acupuncture and digestion, Acupuncture in York

It’s indisputable that if your digestion is good, your overall health is enhanced. It’s also indisputable that acupuncture can help with digestive function – in fact, it’s been doing so for centuries. How Does Acupuncture Help Digestion? It is a principal of Chinese medicine that good health depends on the proper, unrestricted flow of energy through the body. Acupuncture works by removing impediments that block energy flow to the blood, nerves, organs, muscles and tissues. In the digestive system, acupuncture clears problems that affect the proper, natural, downward flow of the digestive energy from mouth throughout the whole system. Acupuncture also helps strengthen nutrient absorption and waste elimination. You know that when your bowels aren’t working...

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Increase Your Natural Fertility with Acupuncture

»Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in Acupuncture in pregnancy and labour, Acupuncture in York

Fertility, or lack thereof, is a hot issue these days. We’ve all seen the news stories about multiple births, frequently the result of in-vitro fertilization and high-tech fertility drugs. However, even with all the advances of modern science, numerous couples turn to a treatment that is centuries old. Where contemporary science fails, the ancient mysteries of Chinese medicine can sometimes deliver results. In fact, Dr. Raymond Chang of Meridian Medical states that most of their patients have been referred by specialists in reproductive medicine. These patients may have experienced repeated failures to conceive by in vitro fertilization, and their doctors are turning to acupuncture as an adjunct to conventional treatment. What is Acupuncture and How Can It...

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Try Acupuncture for Troublesome Neck Pain

»Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Acupuncture and back pain, Acupuncture for pain management, Acupuncture in York

You’ve heard the expression “pain in the neck” used to describe something that a person finds annoying. However, neck pain can be much more than an annoyance. Sometimes it can be severe enough that a person’s quality of life is unfavourably affected. The neck has a very important job – it supports your head. In the run of a typical day, your neck and head probably move many more times than other areas of the body. If during a particular day you’ve walked more than usual, you might very well complain of pain in your feet and legs. Or if you’ve been lifting and carrying heavier objects than those to which you’re accustomed, you may notice discomfort in your arms, shoulders and back. You probably don’t even think about the fact that your head and...

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You Can Lose Weight with Acupuncture and Keep It Off

»Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Acupuncture for weight loss, Acupuncture in York

As acupuncture becomes more and more a mainstream medical treatment, its benefits have become more widely known. Most people know that acupuncture has proven effective in pain management, high blood pressure and the treatment of addictions. Now this ancient practice has come into its own as a diet aid. Practitioners believe that when needles are inserted at strategic bodily points, balance can be restored to a person’s energy flow, so if you’re having difficulty losing weight and keeping it off, perhaps it’s time for you to lose weight with acupuncture. How Does Acupuncture Work as a Weight Loss Treatment? People put on weight for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your weight gain is due to poor nutrition, a sluggish metabolism, a hormone imbalance, or not...

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