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Combining Acupuncture & Nutritional Therapy to relieve IBS

»Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in Acupuncture and digestion, Acupuncture for pain management, Acupuncture in York, IBS & Acupuncture

If I feel a client will benefit from an additional therapy to work alongside their acupuncture treatment I will refer them to a suitable practitioner. This may be for massage, hypnotherapy, Chinese herbs; or as in the case of Ms P, a young lady who visited me recently, Nutritional Therapy. Case study Ms P had been suffering with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome for 8 years, since age 15. She felt a constant, tender discomfort in her stomach and abdomen and frequently experienced trapped wind, bloating and bouts of stubborn constipation. Her energy levels were low all through the day and she had little motivation to exercise or socialise in an evening after work. This was no life for a vibrant young woman! Acupuncture treatments After taking a detailed medical...

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