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Acupuncture offers long lasting benefits for Fibromyalgia

»Posted by on Oct 31, 2016 in Acupuncture and back pain, Acupuncture and digestion, Acupuncture and Mood, Acupuncture for pain management, Acupuncture for Stress, Acupuncture in York, Acupuncture to Boost Immunity, IBS & Acupuncture

Are you suffering from the severe fatigue and muscle pains of Fibromyalgia? This condition affects around 1 in 25 people in the UK and is something I see frequently in my Clinic. Fibromyalgia affects many more women than men – the reasons for this remain unknown – and can be associated with other life-limiting conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, depression and Restless Leg Syndrome. The name Fibromyalgia literally translates as pain (algia) coming from muscles (my) and connective tissues (fibro). The exact cause of it varies from person to person but is often associated with stress, infections and changes in the balance of chemicals in the brain that regulate pain sensitivity. Can medications help? Unfortunately...

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Anxiety relief with Acupuncture

»Posted by on Oct 14, 2016 in Acupuncture and Mood, Acupuncture for Stress, Acupuncture in York, IBS & Acupuncture

A new study from Japan has demonstrated just how effective Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture is for relieving symptoms of anxiety. The pilot study looked at 10 patients who suffer with anxiety disorders. By measuring changes in blood flow and brain activity with near-infrared spectroscopy equipment both before and after the acupuncture treatments, the researchers were able to highlight changes in activity in parts of the brain associated with relaxation. The results showed that acupuncture alters activity in this area of the brain, enhancing relaxation and reducing anxiety. Anxiety is a crippling condition, leaving many sufferers housebound and afraid to enjoy life. It has a huge knock-on effect on digestive health too: I see many Irritable Bowel Syndrome...

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