Acupuncture During Lockdown: A Medical Service

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Coronavirus

While we progress through the second national lockdown, I am pleased and relieved at being able to keep my clinic open and continue working with patients.

As a healthcare provider I give acupuncture treatments for a wide range of medical issues. These include chronic pain, fatigue, digestive problems, mental health, and fertility support. Such issues do not disappear just because we are in another lockdown – in fact, many of them worsen, as is the case with our current mental health crisis. According to the Mental Health Foundation, the lockdown measures and pandemic restrictions are having a lasting detrimental effect on our nation’s mental health. By late August 1 in 5 people reported feeling lonely or afraid, and 10% of people reported having suicidal thoughts in the past week.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we must keep ourselves in optimum health, so we have the strength, mental resilience, and vitality to face our daily challenges.

What counts as a “Medical Issue”?

The World Health Organisation has compiled a list of diseases and disorders that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture has been shown to be effective for.

These conditions include:
Depression · Pain in the face, neck, shoulder, knee, and lower back

  • Dysmenorrhea (period pain)
  • Headache
  • High and low blood pressure · Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Tennis elbow
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Inducing labour and labour pain
  • Stroke
  • Leukopenia
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Cancer pain and side-effects of chemo and radiotherapy
  • Renal colic
  • Herpes Zoster (shingles)
  • Gastric pain from gastritis or peptic ulcers

Many of these conditions are conventionally managed with long-term medications that cause dependency and unpleasant side-effects. Because of this, TCM Acupuncture is an ideal way to both manage the condition and reduce the need for strong drugs.

How does Acupuncture help these conditions?

When you visit me for an acupuncture session, I treat you as a whole person, and not just your named condition. Each treatment is unique, based on your symptoms, health history, diet, lifestyle, and balance of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) – the vital energy flowing through your system. I may see two clients with migraines in the same day, but they will each receive quite different treatments because they are unique individuals!

Acupuncture needling works in the following ways, depending on the health issue in question:

  • Improving blood flow to muscles and tissues
  • Stimulating the release of natural pain-killing endorphins
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Triggering activity of anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Reducing sensitivity to stress and pain
  • Rebalancing neurotransmitters – the chemical compounds that influence mood and wellbeing
  • Removing blocks in the natural flow of Qi

Acupuncture is safe to use alongside medications, and I am happy to work alongside doctors and specialists as part of care team to manage serious health issues.

I hope this reassures you about the effectiveness and scope of TCM Acupuncture. If you have any queries about the safety of Acupuncture during the pandemic, please see this post: ‘Coming Out of Lockdown: is Acupuncture Safe?’ or get in touch via ‘phone or email.

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