Anxiety Relief with Acupuncture

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Acupuncture and Mood, Acupuncture for Stress, Acupuncture in York, IBS & Acupuncture

A new study from Japan has demonstrated just how effective Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture is for relieving symptoms of anxiety.

The pilot study looked at 10 patients who suffer with anxiety disorders. By measuring changes in blood flow and brain activity with near-infrared spectroscopy equipment both before and after the acupuncture treatments, the researchers were able to highlight changes in activity in parts of the brain associated with relaxation.

The results showed that acupuncture alters activity in this area of the brain, enhancing relaxation and reducing anxiety.

Anxiety is a crippling condition, leaving many sufferers housebound and afraid to enjoy life. It has a huge knock-on effect on digestive health too: I see many Irritable Bowel Syndrome clients with high levels of anxiety as the main trigger for their IBS symptoms.

How does Acupuncture work?

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture is an entirely personalised form of care. At your first appointment I will ask many questions about your symptoms and health history, and look at your tongue and take your pulse. In TCM we can discover a lot about your health from your tongue and pulse!

The acupuncture treatment itself will be based on these findings and will aim to support the healthy flow of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) around your body whilst nourishing and rebalancing areas of dis-ease. Qi is your vital energy – your Life Force – which becomes stagnant, disrupted and blocked during ill-health.

Research has shown TCM Acupuncture to be effective in relieving anxiety by:

  • Regulating the balance of mood chemicals (neurotransmitters) in your brain and nervous system.
  • Down regulating the ‘analytical’ side of the brain – this part of the brain feeds negative thought patterns and anxiety. Once an anxious thought takes hold, it grows and grows unless the thought pattern is interrupted.
  • Reducing anti-inflammatory compounds which become elevated when stressed.
  • Enhancing the production of endorphins – natural mood chemicals that lift mood and reduce sensitivity to pain.

Anxiety may be present as a symptom on its own, or as part of a wider picture of ill-health. Stress and chronic pain can increase levels of anxiety and even lead to depression. If this is the case, my Acupuncture treatments will be focussing on the root cause of your issues whilst also relieving your anxiety.

Do anxious, fearful thoughts rule your life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and unable to control it?


Don’t suffer in silence.

My TCM Acupuncture treatments are SAFE, EFFECTIVE and RELAXING.

You can enjoy Acupuncture alongside any conventional medications you may be taking for anxiety.

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