Embarrassed by excessive, heavy sweating?

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Acupuncture and Mood

Sweating is a natural normal bodily function which everyone experiences. The amount we sweat varies according to gender, age, time of day, temperature and how active or inactive we are. Problems occur when the level of sweating far exceeds what is needed to keep your body cool, and it becomes a life-limiting, embarrassing issue.

This form of excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. It can occur over the whole body or just on the face, feet, palms or underarms. Sufferers may need to bathe several times per day, frequently change clothing and even get up in the night to change bed linen.


What causes hyperhidrosis?

For primary hyperhidrosis (i.e. no other related conditions) there is no known cause, but it does appear to be related to changes in temperature or emotional stress.

Excessive sweating can also occur as part of the picture of symptoms of other conditions including cancer, menopause, over active thyroid function, anxiety disorders, spinal injuries and obesity.

What treatments are there?

Orthodox medicine favours the use of extremely strong anti-perspirants: these are usually packed with aluminium (a neurotoxin!) and parabens – toxic chemicals that can accumulate in your system and affect health.

Botox injections or surgical removal of the sweat glands may also be offered.

How can Acupuncture help?

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a much more holistic view of the body. Sweating is a natural, normal, healthy function so if it is excessive then there is an imbalance in your life energy – or ‘Qi’ – which is causing this to happen.

During our consultation I’ll ask you detailed questions about your current health, your health history, your diet, lifestyle and any other relevant factors. I will also take your pulse and check your tongue: both of these techniques can reveal many details to me about your constitution and balance of Qi.

Any blockages or disturbances to the flow of Qi will cause symptoms to occur: knowing where these blocks are help me understand why you are suffering with excessive sweating.

I then use acupuncture to restore the normal flow of Qi and rebalance your system. If you are experiencing secondary hyperhidrosis I will focus the acupuncture on this issue as TCM acupuncture always seeks to deal with the underlying cause of a problem. So, if you are sweating excessively because of menopausal changes I will work on hormone balance as well as the specific needling points to reduce sweating.

Don’t let excessive sweating ruin your life!

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