It’s International Mens Health Week

This month sees the annual ‘International Mens Health Week’ taking place from the 15th-21st.  It is a shocking statistic that 1 in 5 men die before the age of 65.  This means 20% of men are losing vital years of life; precious time with family and friends and the enjoyment of retirement.

Unresolved stress plays a key part in many conditions affecting men’s health.  Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, stroke – stress is a contributing factor in the development of these diseases and is frequently the trigger for dramatic, life threatening change.  For example, heart disease takes many years to develop as subtle biochemical changes gradually affect arterial health, then a sudden stressful event overwhelms the body and a heart attack occurs.

Mind & Body Connections

The impact of emotional health on the body must not be underestimated; this is more common than physical stress.  We ladies are more likely than men to have trusted networks of friends to whom we can turn in times of stress for support and help, whilst men are more likely to contain their emotions and carry stress alone.  The impact of these unprocessed emotions is far reaching as the hormones and chemicals released when we are under chronic stress contribute to inflammation, hypertension, weight imbalance, and insomnia to name but a few!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine each organ and system in the body has corresponding qualities and emotional states.  For example the liver is known as The Planner for the body, influencing our natural rhythms and cycles.  It relates to anger, imbalances of heat in the body, and is governed by the Wood element.

How does this translate into practice?

Well, a man may seek treatment for symptoms of insomnia and red, inflamed skin rashes.  His personality may display traits of unresolved anger and stubborn inflexible behaviour. These physical and emotional symptoms indicate an imbalance in his liver Qi (the subtle, vital energy flowing through the body, pronounced ‘chee’) and the Wood element.  As well as alleviating the presenting symptoms I would be treating the underlying cause – the negative effects that stress is having on his system!

Acupuncture & Mens Health

Stress is one of many conditions my TCM Acupuncture can help men deal with.  I have also had great success with:

    • Supporting male fertility – TCM acupuncture can support testosterone balance, sperm maturation and overall fertility.
    • Pain relief – this is a testimonial from a gentleman I treated in Clinic:

“I had a cycle of acupuncture treatments for a recurrent back pain problem (acute lumbago). I couldn’t exercise to get more fit because of this pain and not exercising was triggering the lumbago more frequently. The treatment broke this vicious circle and after the third session the pain disappeared. I could finally start to run and exercise. I am happy to say I haven’t had lumbago since then. I found it also a very relaxing experience. A very effective health investment I would recommend. I found Tiziana a very professional practitioner.”

(for more testimonials please see Free Index)

  • Digestive wellbeing – indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, excess wind; needling can bring great relief!
  • Help with quitting smoking – undoubtedly one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health.

International Mens Health Week is a reminder to all men to pay attention to their health and wellbeing.

Is it time YOU focused on YOUR health?

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