Meeting York Cardiologist Dr Sanjay Gupta

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Acupuncture and Sleep, Acupuncture in York

As many of my clients know, I firmly believe in a collaborative approach to healthcare.  One that integrates different therapies to provide the best outcome for the patient.

I love working closely with doctors, herbalists, chiropractors, nutritional therapists, and pharmacists to really personalise a client’s care and meet their unique needs.

Acupuncture works perfectly alongside so many other modalities, and I often find the combined effect of two or more therapies gives a greater result than any of them would individually.

Acupuncture meets Cardiology

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr Sanjay Gupta, a cardiologist at Nuffield hospital in York.  Dr Gupta specialises in cardiac imaging and has trained with some of the leading minds in cardiology.

To provide extra support for people with heart problems he also runs a popular You Tube channel sharing tips and advice on managing heart conditions and overall general health.

We shared some lively and interesting discussions and recorded several videos for You Tube; follow the links below to watch!

What constitutes good food? Insights from a Chinese Medicine Practitioner

In this video we discuss the nutritional advice I give to clients which is based upon principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The importance of sleep for health

Poor sleep is rapidly becoming the hidden health crisis of our age.  Sleep experts talk about how humans have a strong need for sleep after around 16 hours of being awake.  If we go over this time limit, our brains cannot function efficiently – in fact, if we go longer than 20 hours without sleep we have the same mental capacity as a drunk!

Unfortunately, around 29% of UK adults regularly suffer with insomnia.

In these videos Dr Gupta and I discuss natural ways to support sleep patterns, sleep hygiene techniques, when and how to exercise before bed, the benefits of meditation, and how foods can influence sleep.

The Importance of Sleep

More natural ways to sleep better

How what we eat can affect our sleep

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