Natural Migraine & Headache Relief

Do you suffer from painful headaches or migraines? York Traditional Acupuncture may be able to help.

Around 8 million people in the UK suffer from migraine headaches, and women experience them twice as often as men.

Whether it’s headaches and migraines that completely debilitate you at random times throughout the year, menstrual migraines which come around period time, and whether it lasts only a few hours or days, acupuncture can be an effective way to ease the pain.

How acupuncture works to ease migraines and headaches

Although medical researchers still do not know the exact cause of migraines, what we do know is that it involves disturbances in the brains electrical systems which cause changes in blood flow and inflammation. And these are precisely the sorts of things that acupuncture can help with.

“I was suffering with was Chronic Headaches on a daily basis. After seeing Tiziana these headaches have almost disappeared!” – Claire Hill

Acupuncture provides a safe, well researched treatment option for reducing the frequency and severity of migraines. The gentle stimulation of your body’s natural energies is proven to bring pain relief, improve blood flow and circulation and reduce inflammation in the brain.

Studies have shown how acupuncture strengthens your natural coping mechanisms and can be used effectively for both migraine prevention and to ease cases of acute attacks. It also has the added advantage of lacking the side effects that many pain killers can case.

“She successfully eliminated my migraines in the 6 sessions I had with Tiziana, and I cannot thank her enough for her care.” – Jackie Harvey

In addition to acupuncture, when you visit me at my Acupuncture in York clinic, I’ll also provide you with the proper lifestyle and dietary advice to help speed up your progress towards a migraine free life.

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