Natural Pain Relief With Acupuncture & Fish Oil?

I see so many clients with chronic pain issues, from back pain and migraines to period pain and sports injuries, and I understand the far reaching negative effects pain has.  Ongoing pain interferes with work, family life, and social activities, leading to feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression.  In fact, 25% of people diagnosed with chronic pain go on to lose their jobs because of it!

Frequently, clients also need digestive support because the strong side effects of pain killing medication have damaged the digestive tract, causing issues such as gastric ulcers and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Getting to the Point of Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture is amazingly effective for pain management.  The basic premise of acupuncture is to support and maintain the smooth flow of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) around your body.  This intrinsic life energy governs the health and vitality of each and every cell and as the saying goes:

‘When the Qi is stuck, there is pain.  When the Qi flows freely, there is no pain.’

So no matter what the cause of your pain, the essential focus of the treatment is to get your Qi flowing again!

To do this, I select specific acupuncture points that:

  • stimulate the production of pain killing endorphins (mood chemicals in the brain)
  • influence pain perception
  • enhance blood flow and circulation
  • relax muscles and ease tension

Natural Pain Relief With Pain Killing Foods

It is important to look at natural pain killing remedies and foods too, so you can give your system as much support as possible in between acupuncture treatments and reduce reliance on pain killing medication.

Oily fish and Krill oil are both superb sources of Omega-3 essential oils.  These oils support the production of anti-inflammatory compounds in the body and reduce pro-inflammatory chemicals.  Modern Western diets are very low in omega-3 essential fats and high in omega-6 fats (found widely in vegetable oils, chicken, eggs and seeds) – the problem with this is that omega-6 fats can produce more inflammation!

Including oily fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring and trout) in your diet 2-3 times per week is hugely beneficial but if you are not a fish fan then I can recommend a high quality fish oil supplement alternative.

Krill Oil is a relatively new omega-3 supplement.  It doesn’t have the fishy aftertaste that fish oil capsules do, and its omega-3 oils are well absorbed and utilised by cells, making it a great choice for pain relief.

Of course there are many vegetarian anti-inflammatory foods, including turmeric, Montmorency cherries, blueberries, ginger and ground flaxseeds.  Incorporating these regularly in meals and snacks gives your body additional pain-killing support and will complement your acupuncture treatments.

Is chronic pain stopping you living life to the full?

Are you fed up of popping painkillers everyday and still suffering pain?

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