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Welcome to York Traditional Acupuncture – Your health is in good hands

Congratulations on taking the first step in getting your health to the place where you want it to be. The entire approach you’ll experience at York Traditional Acupuncture is based on establishing long-term trust and comfort.

My goal is not to get you to start meditating, or following a strict or unusual diet. Rather my goal is simply to get you to the place where you have the vibrancy and energy to do the things you enjoy.

Welcome to your acupuncture experience in York – When you enter our reception area, I will personally greet you and make sure your appointment goes ahead on time.

Next, you’ll receive a comprehensive health assessment. Important to achieving positive results, I will work with you to understand your health goals and any concerns you might have. Keep in mind that the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to health assessment differs somewhat to the western approach. The Traditional Chinese approach includes tongue observation, pulse assessment, as well as a thorough personal consultation. Research shows that it’s absolutely safe for all ages.

Then you’ll receive a personalised acupuncture plan with a timeline and an explanation of the steps that need to be taken to achieve your health goals.

Throughout your entire time with York Traditional Acupuncture – you will maintain close and caring contact with me. All acupuncture is personally done by me.

What’s more, I’ll assist you to establish the healthy lifestyle you deserve – your healing experience extends beyond the walls of the practice and provides long lasting results which reach all areas of your life.

Most patients begin noticing improvements within one to three sessions. That said, everyone is different, and each acupuncture session builds on the previous one, so it’s important to come along to all your appointments.

Most people feel a sense of calmness and relaxation after each and every session. Occasionally people may feel drowsy, and with some conditions there may be a flare up of symptoms as your acupuncture plan progresses. This is actually a positive sign indicating that the body is responding to each session and is starting to resolve the root cause of the problem – like how a deep massage can make you feel sore the next day but light and free two days later.

After you’ve completed your course of acupuncture sessions – I will continue to make sure that everything stays properly cared for, and when necessary, you are welcome to return for occasional maintenance sessions.

If you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do to prepare for the most effective acupuncture session possible, there is:
1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you’re comfortable throughout the session.
2. Avoid stimulants (like caffeine) and alcohol so that you’re not feeling jittery during the session – this can lead to adverse reactions.
3. Try to schedule your appointment so you are not feeling unusually tired, hungry or overfull during the session.




After an acupuncture session:

The two hours immediately following a session are critical for you to get the best results. It’s best to avoid stimulants (like coffee) and alcohol as well as any intense physical or mental activity.

Here’s what Jenny had to say after an acupuncture session in York with me:

“Tiziana is always interested in how I feel. She is caring, sensitive and is an amazingly skilled acupuncturist. Her acupuncture eliminated my carpal tunnel syndrome and eased my back pain. I always leave feeling refreshed and calmed. Truly brilliant.”

– Jenny Highley, York

Results may vary. See over 85 unbiased 5-star reviews from satisfied clients here.

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P.S. Some patients cancel their appointment if they have a cold or flu. But this is not necessary. Remember this is Traditional Chinese Medicine. When you’re sick, Traditional Chinese Medicine can help relieve cold symptoms, and boost your immune system to kick that cold/flu out of your system.

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Dear patients, I would like to let you know that I will continue to stay open throughout lockdown. As a healthcare provider, I give Acupuncture treatments for medical issues and purposes, and therefore, I will be able to continue to practise. I look forward to continuing to be of service to our community. Tiziana – York Traditional Acupuncture.