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I had tried acupuncture in many different parts of the world without much improvement in my health, but Tiziana is “the real deal”…and much, much more.

I’ve been plagued with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, malaria, and symptoms of high dose antibiotic therapy and a compromised liver for years, so I knew I was a challenging client. Tiziana took a deep breath and went to work with great enthusiasm, patience and compassion, explaining her plan and taking to the challenge as though it was nothing unusual!

In my humble opinion I would say she is by far the most gifted acupuncturist and one of the most talented healers I have encountered in all my travels and her work was truly transforming!

Since starting acupuncutre I have seen dramatic effects to my health and wellbeing and I have no doubt they will continue into the future.

If you are as fortunate as I was to have the chance to experience the work and talents of Tiziana, then you are truly in great hands and all manner of healing is possible under her expert care…don’t hesitate!…I can highly recommend her and you have nothing to lose except your health problems!

– Michael Walker, London, 10 Jan 2016

I visited Tiziana in an attempt to help with severe sciatica which doctors and physiotherapists had done nothing to alleviate. I limped up to her acupuncture room and after one session I walked back down with a considerable improvement. She is extremely easy to talk to you feel in safe hands.

After 6 sessions she had successfully relieved the sciatica, as well as my occasional migraines and vertigo too.

As an unexpected bonus, following Tizianas advice has resulted in both my husband and myself losing in excess of 18 lbs in weight!! I am now having a maintenance session every 4/6 weeks and am much fitter and pain free, money well spent!

– Jackie Harvey, York, 18 Dec 2015

I came to Tiziana with a variety of problems, including low immune system, lack of energy and lower back pain.

When the sessions were over I had virtually no back pain and my energies were restored.

Throughout the acupuncture sessions, Tiziana was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She also has a friendly, positive nature that made me confident I was in good hands.

I would recommend her to anyone with physical issues or problems with energy, emotions or mood.

– Andrea Russell, York, 18 Nov 2015

Tiziana is a wonderfully warm, empathetic lady who immediately puts you at ease. I was experiencing a period of extreme stress in my life and visited Tiziana to help me deal with this.

From the very first session, I felt considerably calmer and more able to deal with the situation.

The problem is now resolved and I have no doubt that Tiziana’s excellent acupuncture helped me enormously.

Heartfelt Thanks.

– Maria, York, 15 Jul 2015

I started visiting Tiziana for acupuncture in September 2014. I was due to start my 4th IVF cycle and I read that acupuncture could be beneficial and improve the chances of success.

My previous 3 IVF cycles had been disasters for various different reasons and I always had a very poor response to the drugs.

I have really enjoyed my acupuncture sessions and I liked that Tiziana always looks at you as a whole person rather than just focussing on the specific complaint (e.g. I had some acupuncture for stress during my cycles and headaches).

I would not hesitate in recommending Tiziana to anyone, especially if you are undergoing stressful fertility interventions. My fourth cycle was my best cycle by far and I am now 21 weeks pregnant.

I wish I had heard about acupuncture sooner!

– Rachel, York, 4 Feb 2015

I would not hesitate to recommend Tiziana as a professional, friendly and competent acupuncturist.

I began seeing her in Autumn 2014 for back pain following a car accident and began to notice a marked improvement after just 3 sessions.

After a full 6 sessions I was virtually pain free and able to do so much more physically than I was before.

Through Tiziana’s in-depth knowledge and commitment to getting to know you and your body, she knew that I have struggled with my weight for many years and has also helped me in this area.

Through improved mobility and fewer sugar cravings, the weight is slowly but surely coming off – an unexpected but much appreciated bonus! Nowadays if I have any health concerns or aches and pains Tiziana is my first port of call – testament to the trust I have in her.

– Jo Smart, York, 19 Jan 2015

I went to Tiziana to help with my post-polio paralysis. I have mild paralysis since infancy and have noticed that walking had become increasingly difficult after my pregnancies. I discussed my concerns with Tiziana and told her that I wanted to increase my strength and endurance in my weak leg. I was also bothered by my C section scar which she also addressed.

I must say I am very pleased with the results. There has been significant improvement, more so in my endurance after 12 sessions and my C-section scar pain is totally gone! What is more, I had my first monthly maintenance session last week and had been troubled by dizziness for more than a week. After this session, my dizziness is totally gone.

I would definitely recommend Tiziana for anyone looking for acupuncture in York. She is friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with!

– Aisha Syeda, York, 7 Apr 2015

A doctor and rheumatologist diagnosed me with costochondritis (inflamed rib cartilage) in March 2012.

Basically to describe the pain I was in – I couldn’t walk, sleep, eat, let alone work until I was put on extremely strong medication that gave me stomach ulcers – another level of pain.

I only wish I had discovered acupuncture then and not January 2014, within a few appointments and a correct diagnosis from Tiziana I was pain free.

However I still have maintenance sessions to relieve me when I experience small flare ups in my ribs.

Tiziana is such a lovely, warm and professional person, I would recommend York Traditional Acupuncture to everyone.

– Charlotte R C Burgess, York, 8 May 2014

Tiziana works acupuncture-magic!

I first went to see Tiziana as I was having difficulty sleeping and suffering from horrendous headaches. She knew exactly what was wrong and put her needles in all the right places to effect an almost immediate relief. I did feel worse for a short time before I felt better but Tiziana assured me this is normal.

She is a very knowledgeable, kind and friendly person who immediately puts you at ease – no need to be frightened of the needles as they are so small and mostly pain free.

– Shirley Evans, York, 22 Mar 2014

I first went to see Tiziana 8 months ago after my husband and I had been trying to conceive for a while.

I was recommended to go to acupuncture from various friends and I was referred to Tiziana by a work colleague.

She did not disappoint. Tiziana is so warm and welcoming and takes the time to understand your symptoms and situation.

I found my sessions so relaxing and beneficial both physically and emotionally.

Her advice and acupuncture had a big impact on me and really supported me in some frustrating and emotional times.

We were delighted when we fell pregnant 6 months after my first session with Tiziana and I truly believe the sessions with Tiziana played a key part in this.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tiziana to anyone in a similar situation to me.

– Holly, York, 6 Sep 2014

I’ve been going to Tiziana for acupuncture for quite severe arthritis for a couple of months now, and the improvement is more than I’d dared hope for.

The acupuncture is ‘strong’ so it’s not entirely pain free (for me anyway), but if you can cope with mild discomfort, which only lasts a short time, you’ll be fine.
The results are certainly worth the discomfort, and I’ve regained mobility to the degree that I’m no longer afraid to go for a walk, or use my hands (eg pastry making, washing woollies by hand. )
Owing to the reduction in pain, I now feel able to improve my fitness, so my general health is improving, too. I can’t believe how different I feel now to only a few months ago.

– A Genner, York, 30 Nov 2014

Ive recently been to see Tiziana for acupuncture for a 6 week block of appointments to help with my pcos, ibs, back pain and motivation with weight loss.

The consultation was very thorough and professional and Tiziana has so much knowledge and experience which makes you feel completely relaxed in her hands.

She spent time listening and really understanding what problems I had which made me feel very valued.

The acupuncture itself was so relaxing and my periods are now regular, my back pain is non existent and I have lost a stone in a month with having renewed motivation.

I would recommend acupuncture especially with Tiziana she has helped me so much. I will continue to have top ups with her to continue this positive experience. Thanks Tiziana.

– Christine Peel, York, 23 Jan 2013

I attended Tiziana’s acupuncture clinic as an absolute last resort.

I had hit a brick wall and was bring ignored by the medical profession; being made to feel like a hypochondriac!

Within minutes of meeting Tiziana I felt relaxed as she went through my symptoms. She told me in Chinese medicine all these symptoms were in fact linked. After the second session I noticed amazing results; I now sleep the whole night through, (for the first time in 17 years!), I have more energy, my IBS has subsided, I do not feel so groggy in the morning and I can make calmer decisions.

I have not just noticed physical/medical improvements but my whole outlook of life has changed, I am calmer, more positive and adaptable to change.

After the initial 6 weekly sessions I am now reducing to maintenance. Tiziana is truly a life saver as I was at my wits end…

Thank you! x

– Rachel Ash, Strensall, 1 May 2013

Testimonial December 2011 – updated 29.5.13.

I initially came across York Traditional Acupuncture and Tiziana by accident really. Several years ago I successfully stopped smoking by acupuncture at a Chinese herbalist centre in York. Unfortunately due to a family tragedy a few years ago I succumbed and started back on the dreaded weed.

In October of this year I felt strong enough to think about giving up again and having tried the usual NHS route and failed, I thought about acupuncture again. When I decided to do an internet search for acupuncture clinics in York, close to my workplace – Tiziana’s details emerged. I requested further details including success rates and cost, success rates were the most important for me.

The last time I tried acupuncture it involved a minimum of 6 visits, was fairly painful and it was expensive. Tiziana, as a professional in this particular field quoted three sessions as initially being required and the overall cost was favourable and includes on-going support from the National Smoking Cessation Institute.

I followed the initial advice given to me and came for my first acupuncture session in mid-October 2011. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have not touched a single cigarette since that first visit and it was sometimes uncomfortable rather than painful Don’t get me wrong, you do still need willpower, but with the excellent acupuncture and health advice and the incredible friendly support that Tiziana provided it has been a fairly easy journey so far, and this was with a partner at home who was still smoking at the time. The magic little buttons are completely unobtrusive and really do work. I had all three acupuncture sessions, and found that I looked forward to them, it was like topping up my resistance levels each time.

I was so impressed with the results of the acupuncture I received that I have continued to visit Tiziana for acupuncture for joint pain (arthritic), sinusitis and digestive problems. The results have been incredibly positive. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain levels have gone from an eight down to a two. I am back at the gym and feel much more energised. I am so grateful and cannot recommend Tiziana enough.

UPDATE – I am now non-smoker rather than an ex-smoker. I have recently returned to Tiziana for acupuncture on a really painful knee problem which is non arthritic. It is so much better,even after just a couple of sessions, the painkillers are only for extremes now.

Thank you so much (again).

– Sue McDonough, Haxby, 29 May 2013

This service is excellent and I found it helpful for a bad back with a slipped disc. I was able to get appointments to suit my schedule and pain and stress were controlled in a professional and caring environment. I would recommend this service to anyone suffering from similar problems as part of a healthy lifestyle plan.

– Dr Ben Sinclair, York, 27 Nov 2012

I felt compelled to write regarding the latest Acupuncture I received with Tiziana.

As you know I was suffering with a ‘blocked up’ nose for at least three months and so it made me feel very heavy over my eyes, so consequently I had a permanent headache. Which I put down to a cold that would not ‘go away’ or the weather.


After you advising me that it could be helped with acupuncture, I thought it was worth trying as it had been going on for so long and it was making driving as I wanted to close me eyes all the time.


I was so glad that I did, because the result was amazing! Even during the session my nose started to clear, and I was feeling better almost immediately.


But that was only half of it, as it was the morning after that I woke up for the first time in months able to breathe! My nose and my head were so clear! And, I had not woken up with a headache, which felt fantastic!


Thank you so much Tiziana for making me feel so well, and just after one acupuncture appointment.


Many thanks once again, and I shall certainly come back for more acupuncture, should I need it.
Also I would truly recommend you to anyone considering acupuncture in York.

– Steve Gill, Harrogate, 23 Nov 2012

I have known Tiziana for a while but have never needed acupuncture. It was during a chance discussion recently when I confided in Tiziana as a friend that I was having problems losing weight and also seemed to have digestive problems. Basically I had been following a low fat diet for ages with lots of exercise and absolutely nothing was happening. I was becoming very stressed and disallusioned by it all. Tiziana always seems to have an instant level headed view on most things anyway. However, in addition to this her response included an ‘acupuncture therapists’ angle. She told me it could be down to various reasons e.g. Hormones or a problem in/with the gut. Anyway, I arranged some appointments with her and she also reccomended I saw a nutritionalist. Amazingly after a course of 6 acupuncture sessions, the weight started to drop off and digestion started to ease dramatically. Most of all, after going on holiday and eating amazing food, I have been able to stabilise my weight thereafter within a week, whereas before it was a 4/6 MONTH slog to lose the 4 pounds I had put on. Tiziana is by no means a quick fix weight loss plan because her understanding and ethos goes much deeper. Tiziana is an amazing person that you can go to with a problem and she will immediately put you at ease and have a logical answer and reason relating to the system of Chinese medicine. I have been amazed at the dramatic and ‘relieving’ results (excuse the pun). Thank you so much.

– Janet Jacobi, York, 9 Nov 2012

I have been visiting Tiziana at Acupuncture in York on a regular basis since she set up her practice in Miller’s Yard in 2011, initially to help restore my energy level following surgery, and later also to combat the symptoms of vertigo, a form of migraine.


This year, acupuncture has greatly helped to alleviate chronic back pain sustained following a fall and fractured clavicle.


During the session, as a bonus, Tiziana often imparts her extensive wisdom on aspects of healthy living, particularly with reference to diet.


I feel reinvigorated after each session, and have no hesitation in recommending her to others so that they too can benefit.

– Raymond Barnes, York, 1 Oct 2012

I started using acupuncture to regulate my period, which had been irregular for several years. Tiziana warned me that gynecological disorders may need longer attention than other conditions, but I actually saw an improvement already after few sessions. It was the first time I used acupuncture and I am impressed with the results.


Unfortunately I moved away from York before I could finish the sessions, and I know I will now struggle to find in my area another acupuncturist as skilled and professional as Tiziana. York Traditional Acupuncture set a high standard!


Tiziana also helped me relieve my sciatica (sciatic nerve irritation) and she relieved my low back pain after just one session.


I highly recommend Tiziana and her York Traditional Acupuncture!

– Deborah Fabri, York, 11 Sep 2012


I met Tiziana when I was pregnant and at that time I really didn’t think I needed any sort of acupuncture session because everything was fine with me and the pregnancy was going really well. In the end, I decided to try acupuncture out of curiosity and to see what it felt like.


Tiziana explained to me that acupuncture is very effective in preparing the body for labour, in facilitating and speeding up childbirth, and in calming and relaxing the mother.


I had 4 weekly appointments leading up to my due date. My daughter (first child) was born exactly on her due date and I could not believe how easy and quick the delivery was! Also, the whole experience was not very painful and I didn’t need to take any kind of painkillers. I didn’t have any tears either!


A few days later, I started developing mastitis and I was given antibiotics from my doctor. I was very reluctant to take them as I was breastfeeding my baby. That’s when I decided to ask Tiziana for help again. I wanted to try a more natural approach to relieving my mastitis. I had 4 sessions and the pain went away, the milk started to flow easily and the inflammation disappeared without having to take antibiotics. I was so pleased with the results!


A few months later, I had a conversation with Tiziana re painful periods (which I had had all my life) and that’s when she told me that painful periods are NOT normal and that we as women are not supposed or “programmed” to experience them. Once again, I was curious to see if that was true and if acupuncture could help with that condition as well. I only had two acupuncture sessions and to my surprise, I haven’t had a painful period since!


I would definitely recommend Tiziana and her acupuncture. I would never have expected to have all my problems solved in such an easy, quick, and pain-free way…I must admit, I am shocked acupuncture works and works so well. I was sceptical but now I am a firm believer in acupuncture as it has worked so very well for me!! Thank you so much Tiziana!

– Agnieszka Pirek, York, 29 Aug 2012

One morning in August 201I went to work as normal, which is delivering parcels for Parcelforce. But for some reason that morning I started to get a pain in my back. For a little while I tried to carry on working, until the pain got so bad I could not get in and out of my van.


I thought something was seriously wrong with my back. Seeing as I could not carry on working and could hardy move without being in tremendous pain. I felt sure that I was going to be off work for several weeks!


But with only one acupuncture session with Tiziana, I felt so much better, although I still had a little twinge, I was able to go back to work the very next day. Therefore not having any time off work whatsoever. Then after coming for one other acupuncture session, my back felt fine, in fact it felt better than it has ever felt!


I was so glad and grateful to Tiziana for sorting my back out so well and so quickly as for anyone contemplating acupuncture, I would highly recommend Tiziana and acupuncture.


You will not realise how fantastic acupuncture is until you have personally experience yourself.

– David Melton, York, 9 Jul 2012

Tiziana is always interested in how I feel. She is caring, sensitive and is an amazingly skilled acupuncturist. Her acupuncture completely relieved my carpal tunnel syndrome and eased my back pain. I always leave feeling refreshed and calmed. Truly brilliant.

– Jenny Highley, York, 9 Jul 2012

The best acupuncturist I’ve ever been to. I suffered badly with digestion problems, stress and back pain and was taking lots of medication but it wasn’t helping. After the first session of acupuncture I had my first good night’s sleep and within my first course of 6 sessions all my problems has dissolved. She’s a miracle worker and I’m now enjoying a pain free life. Thank you!

– Dylan, York, 9 Jul 2012


In the year 2000 whilst living in Australia I had an accident which left my back in constant pain. After repeated to trips to my GP I was told “there is nothing we can do” and “you’ll have to live with it” the latter of which I did for years. I met Tiziana through a mutual friend and upon talking to her about my condition she recommended coming to see her for acupuncture. After some thought I decided to give it a go with an open minded attitude. Tiziana made me feel immediately comfortable with her relaxed yet professional manner. After a consultation Tiziana identified the problem, recommended 6 sessions and the acupuncture plan commenced… The results have been and continue to be amazing. For the first time in over 10 years my back feels normal and my quality of life has improved 100% I cannot recommend Tiziana highly enough. My only regret is that I did not meet her 10 years earlier!

– Richard Pickering, York, 9 Jul 2012

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