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I went to see Tiziana after having fertility and menstrual cycle difficulties. Tiziana listened to my concerns and the symptoms I was experiencing and suggested a course of treatment. Tiziana clearly was very knowledgable in women’s health and made me feel confident that she would endeavour to provide the best care possible for me. She was professional, understanding, supportive and extremely skilled in her work. I noticed an improvement in my menstrual cycle and after two miscarriages I went on to successfully have my healthy baby girl. I truly believe the support and expertise from Tiziana contributed to helping me complete my family. I will forever be grateful and cannot recommend Tiziana enough. I will always turn to her if I have any other issues that acupuncture can assist with.

– Victoria B

I stopped breastfeeding my first child in February and was trying to get pregnant again. A started having regular cycles from April but wasn’t getting pregnant. Although I wasn’t desperate (yet) I didn’t want to wait too much longer to conceive so I booked my first appointment in October and got pregnant straight after. I have two other friends who had been trying to conceive and got pregnant after only one visit to Tiziana. I have continued to go during pregnancy because I find it so relaxing and it has helped me with morning sickness. And I’ve saved two sessions for later on in my pregnancy as Tiziana can also prepare you for birth. I honestly went in with a bit of scepticism having never tried acupuncture before but I really believe there is something to this and would go back with other health problems in the future due to Tiziana’s holistic approach and professionalism.

– Hannah B

In November (about four months ago), I was diagnosed with tendinitis in my left wrist and repetitive strain injury in my right. I am a professional pianist so this was greatly worrying as it put my career in jeopardy. One of my teachers suggested acupuncture as a slightly more unconventional method, so wanting to use all of my options I looked up centres in York and YTA came highly recommended.

Although it is certainly one of the more strange experiences of my life, it was invaluable in aiding my recovery! Tiziana is very professional and incredibly understanding, I always felt safe and relaxed during the sessions. Although I am now healed, I will continue with acupuncture here purely for stress relief! 100% recommend.

– Jakub Watrobski

I have been a patient of Tiziana’s for some years now. She has successfully treated me for various problems and I am now at the stage of receiving ‘maintainance’ every few weeks to continue this progress. Tiziana is at all times professional and has a friendly and cheerful disposition. She keeps detailed records and is extremely thorough in her approach and practice. I feel most fortunate to have found such a good practitioner.

– Carolyn McNabb

I’d had acupuncture when I was living in the states. So I knew how valuable it could be. When I came here to York I tried different acupuncturists but nothing sustaining. Then just over a year ago I developed severe pain in my right hip. At time I could hardly move or stand upright. NHS sent me to physio with limited improvement. I did exercises etc.

Then I found Tiziana! Now a year on, I can walk 4+ miles a day, walk steps (ok with a hand rail, probably because of my own fear). Having had a acupuncture from several practitioners I find Tiziana amazing…Truly it is her gift and I feel blessed that she shares it so. I am very grateful for her healing.

– G Wright

After being ill with glandular fever and suffering post viral/chronic fatigue syndrome for 9 months after, I was forced to stop working and was unable to live any kind of normal life as my body was in complete shutdown. This impacted on every aspect of my life both physically and emotionally. Following Tizianas expertise regarding diet, supplements and life changes, over a period of 3 months I made significant improvements to my health, energy and mental wellbeing.

This has had a huge impact in moving forward with my recovery. This is still a work in progress and the changes I have made to my lifestyle will continue. Tiziana is a huge inspiration and humorous, positive life force. Her warmth and expertise have been invaluable and and I will continue with maintenance sessions to further my recovery.

– Denise Oliver

Tiziana was recommended to me and I can honestly say the treatment has been one of the best investments I have made. I felt severely overtired with a number of responsibilities and was experiencing back and shoulder pain and some digestive troubles. I not only received very effective acupuncture but some sound advice on diet and supplements.

After six sessions, I felt more energetic, more grounded and consequently more able to deal with the issues I have to cope with. I shall certainly be maintaining regular maintenance sessions. Added to which, Tiziana is a delightful therapist to spend time with!

– Linda Shaw

I have suffered with hay fever for around 10 years but it had got progressively worse. The last few summers have been truly miserable – avoiding taking antihistames because I want to avoid pharmaceuticals but spending 3-4 months with red, weeping eyes, a constant running nose and an itching throat impossible to scratch. On top of this my messed up immune system left me with shingles two years running (I’m in my twenties). I tried herbal remedies and different foods, whilst avoiding some “triggers” to no avail.

I had 6 sessions with Tiziana through the beginning of the hay fever season and my symptoms are virtually non-existant. I am truly in awe of what she has done for me and I can’t express my gratitude and admiration for TCM enough. With the acupuncture I received I also followed her dietary and lifestyle advice which has shown me a whole new realm of health and wellbeing. I am strongly considering studying TCM because I feel something deeply powerful about its ability to improve peoples’ lives. It has truly improved mine. I cut the grass last week with no symptoms! Truly amazing and I couldn’t recommend Tiziana more

– Brittany Mandy

Decades ago, I had two serious accidents with spinal column injuries. Once on the lumbar vertebrae, once on the cervical vertebrae. After several series of very long and delicate surgeries my surgeons implanted two prostheses. One “on top”, the other “on bottom”. Needless to say, pain has become a daily companion since a long time ago. Before coming to York, I had lived and worked in many countries. And “frequented” acumuncturists there. I know good ones, even excellent ones. But Tiziana is out of category, she is a magician!

– John D

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