Can acupuncture help with menopausal hot flushes?

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Acupuncture for menopause, Acupuncture for women's health

Nearly 80% of women experience menopausal symptoms. Hot flushes, night sweats, changes in sleeping patterns and changes in mood or emotions are the most commonly experienced symptoms. For many women, these symptoms may be experienced for several years and can affect daily activities and quality of life. Health status and work productivity may also be affected as you adapt to the changes your body is going through and try to manage the symptoms experienced throughout your body.

What causes hot flushes?

It is believed that hot flushes experienced during the menopause are caused by lower oestrogen levels and hormonal imbalances which affect nerve centres and the body’s ability to control temperature. This triggers hot flushes, which can be described as experiencing excessive sweating, a rapid heart rate and an intense feeling of radiating heat.

How can you relieve hot flushes?

Treatment options to relieve hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms include Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), lifestyle and nutritional changes and complementary therapies like acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

HRT, prescribed by a GP acts to replace oestrogen levels to reduce some of the symptoms of menopause, including hot flushes. This can provide effective relief to some menopausal symptoms, but this is not suitable for all women and many prefer to choose a natural therapy route with fewer side effects.

Making changes to your lifestyle and diet can support your body through the menopause. Managing your stress levels, getting good quality sleep and eating the right foods can all have a positive effect on menopause symptoms.
But it can be hard to relax and sleep well when hot flushes keep you away at night and your hormones make you feel irritable and stressed out during the day. TCM Acupuncture supports your whole system and is a complementary therapy that can be used alongside hormone treatments or used on its own to help reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flushes as well as reducing stress and anxiety and promoting better sleep.

How does acupuncture help reduce hot flushes?

Acupuncture works to regulate your energy flow and unblock obstructions that are causing an imbalance of hormones and energy flow throughout your body. It helps to stimulate the nervous system to release chemicals in muscles, the spinal cord and the brain that restore your body’s energy and hormonal imbalance.

Tiziana works in a holistic way to support your whole system not only treat the symptoms. Stress can make hot flushes worse, so if you are stressed, acupuncture with Tiziana can support your nervous system and help you relax. If you are suffering from insomnia or you hot flushes are affecting your sleep acupuncture can help you get a good night’s sleep.

  • Acupuncture can help ease menopausal symptoms by:
  • Balancing the release of female hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Relieving muscle tension and pain
  • Rebalancing heat and the flow of Qi
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving sleep

Is acupuncture an effective way to relieve hot flushes?

Acupuncture is recommended by the British Acupuncture Council, as an effective and natural treatment that not only helps to reduce the frequency of menopausal hot flushes but also the severity. Studies at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the University of Copenhagen have shown between 40%-80% reductions in hot flushes as a result of acupuncture treatment. What’s more the alleviation of symptoms can last between 6-12 months according to the Menopause Journal, citing acupuncture as a long lasting, sustainable treatment method.

Many women in these studies started to experience an improvement in their menopausal symptoms after just 3 acupuncture sessions. Including improvements in various ‘quality of life’ factors including sleep quality, anxiety and depression.

What my clients are saying about acupuncture for menopause…

I was feeling very stuck in my life and weighed down by menopause and weight gain. Tiziana’s treatments had a profound effect, way beyond my expectations. I feel like my old self again, re-energised, more balanced and with a new vigour for life. As an intuitive and inspirational person I thoroughly enjoyed my treatments with Tiziana and will continue to do so. Highly recommend.
Amanda, York

I have been having treatment for my hot flushes and I am happy to say they have disappeared! The sessions have been amazing, thank you Tizianna.
Jackie, York

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Tiziana supports women through all stages of life and women’s health from managing painful periods to acupuncture for pregnancy to relieving menopausal symptoms.

If you are suffering from hot flushes or any other menopausal symptoms contact Tiziana today. As each woman experiences the menopause differently, Tiziana’s treatment is tailored specifically around you and the symptoms you may be experiencing.

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