Weight Loss With Acupuncture

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Acupuncture for weight loss

Weight loss is not just a simple matter of eating less and moving more (though both are vitally important!).  For many overweight people, there are complex hormonal imbalances and strong addictions sabotaging their attempts to shed the pounds.

I enjoy working with weight loss clients in my Clinic, as with the right approach that includes acupuncture plus nutrition and exercise, we see amazing results!

Why won’t the weight shift?

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, weight problems are influenced by;

● Blockages in Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) in the spleen, kidney, liver, and endocrine systems.  Qi is our vital energy that determines our health and well-being.
● Disturbances in the endocrine and nervous system that relate to stress, cravings, and addictions.

Weight loss with acupuncture

Because everyone has their own unique health needs, my weight loss treatments are always tailored to suit requirements. For example, one weight loss client may have an under functioning thyroid gland and need support with thyroid hormone balance and metabolic fire, whilst another may have strong sugar cravings that wreck their attempts to lose weight.

Ear Acupuncture for fat loss

Auricular acupuncture is a powerful technique to help support the nervous system in managing the effects of stress and addictions.  For many clients, cutting down their sugar intake is incredibly hard because of the highly addictive nature of refined sugar.  By helping to balance chemical messengers in the nervous system, acupuncture eases the cravings, helping break the addiction.

Weight loss with acupuncture & nutrition

As I previously mentioned, acupuncture alone is not a magic cure-all that will cause the weight to drop off!  Good nutrition is essential, as is regular daily exercise.  If the thought of exercise makes you shudder, think of it instead as movement.  Look at ways to incorporate more movement into your day: walk instead of taking the bus, run up and downstairs instead of using lifts, make sure you move around every 30mins instead of being sat at your desk for hours.

More movement means more muscle strength, a higher metabolism, and better lymph flow.  Lymph is a clear watery fluid that drains wastes away from cells.  Fat cells harbour a lot of toxins, and once you start breaking down fat cells you need good lymphatic flow to shift these toxins away.

Nutrition tips for weight loss

Try these tips alongside your acupuncture sessions to really kick-start weight loss;

  • Eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking.
  • Include a good balance of protein and complex carbohydrate at each meal: try to reduce carbohydrate portion size to no more than ¼ of your plate.
  • Only snack if you have more than 4 hours between meals.
  • Fill up on different coloured vegetables!  Veggies will ideally cover ½ your plate.
  • Kick the sugar habit!  Fat does not make you fat, sugar does.
  • Include plenty of healthy natural fats and oils such as coconut, olive, & flaxseed.

To find out more about how acupuncture can support YOU with WEIGHT LOSS contact me, Tiziana, on 07788 633292 or email at info@yorktraditionalacupuncture.co.uk