Acupuncture for Menopausal Symptoms: Age Gracefully

How to Ease Menopause-Naturally with Acupuncture | York Traditional AcupunctureThere is nothing untoward about experiencing menopause. It is a natural part of the life of any older woman, and once the process is over, it has some advantages. After menopause, a woman will no longer have periods, nor will she be able to get pregnant, which may make life easier for some. However, the actual menopause process is usually fairly unpleasant. Hot flashes, mood swings, and a proclivity to urinary tract infections are just some of the most common symptoms of menopause.

For women in menopause, there are several treatment options. The most basic and likely the most common is just to leave it alone, more or less, and treat symptoms like hot flashes as they occur with ice or similar means. Conventional medicine promotes hormone replacement therapy to help ease the hormonal transitions that cause many of the symptoms, but not everyone is comfortable with it. Alternative medicine suggests that acupuncture may be another solution.

What Does Acupuncture Help with?

A study that showed some help from acupuncture with menopausal symptoms indicated that it can help provide significant relief from mood swings and especially hot flashes. The tendency to UTIs can be managed with proper hygiene, so these other two symptoms are often the main difficulties modern women face when they hit menopause. In particular, hot flashes are often the number one type of physical discomfort associated with menopause.

How Does Acupuncture Help Ease Menopause Symptoms?

The study mentioned above helped scientists discover that acupuncture was most likely not improving symptoms by reducing hormone imbalance, like HRT does. While discomfort between the two groups – those who received genuine, menopause targeted acupuncture and the control group that received fake acupuncture to account for the placebo effects – differed, hormone levels did not have a significant difference.

While more studies would have to be done, current research indicates that the acupuncture experience releases endorphins, and these endorphins help women feel better emotionally and also affect internal temperature regulation. This could explain why the treatment was extra effective against hot flashes. Moreover, the treatment becomes more effective as you attend more sessions, due to the cumulative effect of this therapy. Continued treatment would probably be the best plan in any case, since there are so far no studies to show how long the symptoms would be relieved.

There’s nothing wrong with getting older, but it can be hard to feel serene about the idea if you are a woman experiencing the uncomfortable experiences of menopause. These symptoms can affect you more than you think. They can affect the outfits you are willing to wear (due to heat, among other things) and whether you are able to comfortably go about your day. Many women have menopausal symptoms that severely impact the way they go about their lives. And not every woman is comfortable with HRT tactics – some prefer to be natural.

If you are interested in alternative medicine’s answer to menopause, you can easily sign up for acupuncture. It has barely any side effects and may help you quite a lot. It is hard to say how much, but evidence definitely suggests it is a bonus.



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