New Year resolutions gone already? Acupuncture can help!

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The New Year is a popular time for setting fresh resolutions and goals, especially around health and well-being. But how long do they really last? And what can you do to make them stick?

This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture can help – and you may be surprised to find out why.

How long do New Year resolutions last? A 2015 poll published in the Guardian newspaper revealed that 66% of the people who failed to stick with a New Year resolution actually broke it within the first month and 80% lasted less than three months!

How can Acupuncture help?

There are many ways in which Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture can help you keep those new resolutions and support new habits – at any time of year!

Let’s look at 5 of the most popular New year resolutions and how acupuncture can help:

Stop smoking

Acupuncture targets specific endorphin-releasing points that help you combat tobacco cravings, whilst also supporting lung strength and detoxification.

I’m a professional member of the National Smoking Cessation Institute and hold the National Stop Smoking Centre’s Gold Award for my outstanding work in helping people quit smoking. The programme I work on combines acupuncture sessions with telephone counselling, covering both the physiological and psychological aspects of nicotine addiction. It has an 80% success rate!

Lose weight

This one requires a lot of willpower and motivation, especially just after Christmas! Acupuncture supports weight loss by influencing the fine balance of hormones that regulate hunger, satiety, metabolic rate, and food cravings. If your weight gain is related to an underlying condition such as menopause or hypothyroidism, I will focus on addressing that imbalance and getting to the root cause of your weight problem.

Get fit and exercise more

One of the big barriers to enjoying more exercise is joint pain. Whether it’s wear-and-tear arthritis or a sudden injury, the pain can put pay to your new exercise plans. Luckily, acupuncture is proven to be highly effective for pain relief, and works in several ways:

– By stimulating the release of natural pain-killing endorphins

– Inhibiting inflammatory compounds

– Altering the way your brain processes pain

– Aiding microcirculation in joint tissues to ease swelling and fluid retention

Enjoy life to the full

The passing of another year reminds us just how short life is and how important it is to make the most of our time here. It is hard to enjoy life when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety though. Each day can feel like an uphill struggle.

Acupuncture is renowned for its ability to restore calm and well-being. Some of my clients even fall asleep during their treatments! It does so by influencing the balance of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that regulate mood, and by helping to calm the part of our brain that contributes to unhelpful mental ‘chatter’.

I work with many clients who suffer from stress and anxiety, and am an Anxiety UK Approved Practitioner.

Get more sleep

For the 29% of UK adults who regularly suffer from insomnia getting enough deep, restorative sleep is a major battle. Again, acupuncture is on hand to help with this – whether you are a chronic insomniac or experiencing a short-term bout of disturbed sleep. By supporting relaxation of mind and body and the balance of melatonin (one of our key sleep hormones), acupuncture can gently help to re-balance your sleep patterns.

Are you struggling to keep to your New Year resolutions?

Have you tried and failed to make a new habit stick?

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