Struggling to quit smoking? How to Stop for good.

cigarette budsHow was ‘Stoptober’ for you? Did you manage to finally quit smoking for good? Are you now enjoying lungfuls of fresh, crisp autumnal air instead of deadly smoke fumes?

Kicking the nicotine habit can be incredibly hard to do. Even with all the willpower in the world, you may need a helping hand to cope with the powerful cravings of this highly addictive drug.

I work alongside the National Smoking Cessation Institute to offer a comprehensive plan of acupuncture, diet and lifestyle advice to help you succeed in quitting smoking for good.

This plan has a success rate of over 80%! There are no replacement gums or patches involved which only keep drip feeding you nicotine; I am offering you the help you need to transform your health and leave smoking behind forever!

How Will Acupuncture Help Me Quit Smoking?

It may seem strange to turn to acupuncture in order to stop smoking but when we look at the way in which needling influences the nervous system, it all makes sense.

Nicotine stimulates the release of mood enhancing brain chemicals called beta-endorphins. When you stop smoking, your body craves these chemicals and makes you want a cigarette. By using certain acupuncture points that regulate endorphin release, acupuncture can produce the same sensation in your system as nicotine, gently calming and sedating your nerves and helping your body to adapt to life without cigarettes.

What about weight gain?

Smoking is an appetite suppressant and many people fear gaining weight when they quit. The weight gain can also be caused by replacing cigarettes with unhealthy snacks and comfort food! My comprehensive stop-smoking plan includes diet and lifestyle support to help you adapt to your new life and switch to a healthier way of eating. The acupuncture treatments help you manage food cravings as well as cigarette cravings, so you are far less likely to turn to chocolate as a replacement for smoking!

Can Acupuncture Help My Body Recover From Years Of Smoking?

The beauty of my Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture treatments is their holistic benefits. As well as supporting you in quitting smoking, the treatments will:

  • Support your immune system
  • Encourage effective detoxification of the toxins accumulated after smoking
  • Support lung health and respiration
  • Optimise digestive function so you absorb and assimilate nutrients from your diet more effectively
  • Support you in regaining your senses of taste and smell which have been numbed by the toxic chemicals in cigarettes

What Does The Plan Include?

My Smoking Cessation programme includes 3 TCM Acupuncture treatments tailored to you specific needs, backed up by telephone counselling, diet and lifestyle advice. At the end of the programme you can continue to access support and guidance from the National Smoking Cessation Institute for as long as you need to – lifetime support if necessary!

If you know you should quit smoking but aren’t really feeling motivated to do so, this plan is not for you.

In order to successfully quit smoking and nicotine you need to be determined, focused and ready for it.

If this is you, call Tiziana today on 07788 633292 or email at stop smoking and start your journey to a smoke-free life!

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