Where do you sit on the stress spectrum?

broken pencilHere in the UK, up to half a million adults experience work related stress every year, according to the Health & Safety Executive. Add to this the burden of normal life stresses such as bereavement, divorce or moving home and it is easy to see how we are a society of stressed out people!

Stages of Stress

Your body goes through several stages when dealing with stress. The first is when you are ‘wired’; you feel tense, anxious and unable to switch off properly. If this phase continuous for a long time, you can become ‘wired and tired’. This is when your body is trying to adapt and cope with the ongoing stressors but is struggling to manage. You may find your energy levels are sapped, your nerves are frayed and you wonder how much more you can manage…

The third stage is ‘tired’. Your body really cannot handle anymore, your adrenal hormones are depleted and you may begin to show signs of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression or adrenal fatigue.

These 3 stages are not always so clear cut, there are shades of progression between them and you may find some days are more manageable than others.

Dealing with Stress – Let Acupuncture Help!

Stress affects every system in your body; digestion, respiration, immunity, mental well being – everything is compromised by long term stress! Fortunately, Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (TCM) excels at dealing with complex, multi-system health issues as we treat the body holistically, supporting the flow of energy (Qi) throughout every organ and tissue.

TCM Acupuncture helps manage the effects of stress by:

  • Deactivating the analytical, over thinking side of our brain which when left unchecked can lead to rumination of negative thoughts and undue anxiety
  • Regulating the balance of mood chemicals in the brain; the release of ‘happy’ hormones like serotonin and dopamine can be stimulated by acupuncture
  • Acting on the parts of the brain that reduce our sensitivity to pain and stress
  • Focusing on your unique symptoms and manifestations of stress; this may be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, migraines, or hormone imbalances

Stress is a part of life. We cannot always avoid it but we can certainly change the way we manage and respond to it!

Is stress compromising your health?

Do you need support in coping with ongoing stress?

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