Acupuncture and Mental Health

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Acupuncture and Mood, Acupuncture for mental health, Acupuncture for Stress

The chances are you, or someone close to you, has been affected by a mental health issue. Whether it’s low mood, depression, anxiety, or a behavioural problem, according to the Mental Health Foundation 1 in 6 of us will have experienced a problem with our mental health within the past week.

Stress is a major cause of depression and anxiety. There is only so much stress we can take before we start to struggle and experience symptoms of low mood, anxiety, and other physical symptoms like headaches and digestive problems.

Depression is by no means a sign of weakness; it is a clear signal you have been dealing with huge amounts of stress for too long, and your body needs care and attention.

Why use Acupuncture?

The highly personalised approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture is an ideal technique for managing mental health issues. I see each client as the unique individual they are, taking account of their personal health history, symptoms and circumstances. After all, no-one else is experiencing depression and anxiety in the same way you are. These symptoms can strike any of us at any time, regardless of our gender, age, or occupation; everyone’s experience is different and needs to be recognised as such.

In my Clinic I see mental health problems as stand-alone conditions, and as part of wider health concerns like irritable bowel syndrome, pre-menstrual syndrome, fertility issues, and under active thyroid function.

How does Acupuncture help with depression and anxiety?

You may be wondering how needles can help with problems in the mind. Well, the answer lies in the nervous system and all the amazing mood chemicals flowing around the brain. Research from Japan showed how the insertion of acupuncture needles in specific parts of the body increased blood flow and activity in the part of the brain associated with relaxation.

Other studies have shown TCM Acupuncture to relieve depression and anxiety by;
– Regulating the balance of neurotransmitters in the nervous system. These clever chemicals include serotonin and dopamine, two hormones linked with happiness and motivation.
– Enhancing the production of endorphins, our body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals.
– Reducing inflammation: chronic stress increases levels of inflammatory compounds in the body which can have damaging effects.

Will acupuncture hurt?

If you’re feeling anxious about an acupuncture treatment let me reassure you. The needles are tiny and incredibly thin – thinner than a human hair! Each one is sterile and used once before being safely disposed of. You may feel a slight prick or tingle as the needle goes into your skin, but the treatments are not painful. Many clients drift off to sleep during acupuncture – a sure sign of deep relaxation!

What else can I do?

Making small changes to foods and sleeping habits can be empowering and deeply supportive to the acupuncture treatments. As part of my holistic approach I like to discuss nutrition and lifestyle changes with my clients. My colleague Sally Duffin, a Registered Nutritionist at Nutrition in York has written a comprehensive blog about nutrition and mental health which you can read to find out more about the foods and nutrients can support mental wellbeing.

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