Case Study: Acupuncture & Nutrition for Natural IBS Treatment

Acupuncture in YorkIn a previous blog post ‘Nutrition & Acupuncture – A Powerful Team!’ I wrote about my collaborative work with a local Nutritional Therapist (Sally Duffin at Nutrition in York) and the benefits my clients gain from this joint approach.

Earlier this year we were pleased to be able to publish a case study on one of our shared clients in the leading complementary health journal ‘CAM’ and share this evidence with a wide audience.

The article was well received and served to highlight the similarities and parallels between our approaches.


Case history details

Our client was a 23 year old lady who had been suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms of bloating, wind, constipation, pain and low energy since age 15.  She had taken an ELISA food intolerance test in her teens and discovered gluten sensitivity: removing gluten her diet had eased her symptoms but not removed them completely.

Our client described herself as the anxious type, with a tendency to hold onto stress in her stomach.  Due to low energy levels she was no longer enjoying regular exercise and this was making her symptoms worse.

The TCM Acupuncture approach

I focused firstly on calming her mind and reducing her anxiety levels.  This aspect was key to the treatment as healing cannot take place when the body is trapped in the stress response.  I used both ear and body acupuncture points to stimulate the production of calming neurotransmitters and block pain signals.

Her abdomen was often cold to the touch so I used moxa (a dried herb which is lit to produce a subtle warming sensation) to gently warm the acupuncture points and enable Qi to flow more smoothly.

The Nutrition approach

Our client was keen to repeat the food intolerance test with Sally: this revealed multiple reactions including oats, cows’ milk and egg white, all of which were removed from her diet for the next 3 months.  Sally then focused on compiling a nourishing food plan with a wide variety of suitable foods that supplied good levels of the vital nutrients to support her nervous system.  Sally also supported her digestion and gut bacteria with herbal extracts and a suitable probiotic supplement.

“After many years of discomfort I can now enjoy life to the full again!”

After 3 months of regular treatments from both Sally and I, our client reported consistent improvements in her energy, sleep and digestive symptoms.  No more bloating, wind, pain or constipation!  She was enjoying regular exercise again and had built time into her schedule for relaxation.  She felt “much more energised and empowered!” and after suffering for so long, could “now enjoy life to the full again!”

This client is typical of so many people that both Sally and I see.  If you are dealing with IBS there is no need to suffer in silence or feel bound to endless medicines and drugs; you too can regain your enjoyment of life by supporting your body with TCM Acupuncture and Nutritional Therapy.

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