How to Chose The Best Acupuncturist In York. Not all Acupuncturists are created equally!

Looking for the best acupuncturist in York? Once you have made the decision to see an acupuncturist and gain relief from your health issues, how important is it for you to know they are properly trained, qualified and insured?

Highly important, I’m guessing!  After all, you are placing your trust in this person to effectively treat your symptoms and transform your health and wellbeing!

Would it surprise you to know that many so called ‘acupuncturists’ have only 150 hours of training and no knowledge of how to perform a comprehensive diagnosis or create an holistic treatment plan that encompasses all aspects of your health?

Many so called acupuncture practitioners merely offer ‘dry needling’.  This technique involves inserting an acupuncture needle into a tender spot in a muscle (this is also called a ‘trigger point’) with the aim of stimulating pain relief.

Training courses for dry needling often only take 2-3 days – compare this with the many years of study required to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist who is registered with the British Acupuncture Council and you can appreciate the vast difference in knowledge, expertise and ability!

How is TCM Acupuncture different?

Dry needling is in fact part of the toolkit of a TCM practitioner; it is traditionally known as ashi acupuncture and can be used alongside a range of other techniques including moxibustion, cupping and Chinese herbs.

Using dry needling on its own, without the context of thorough diagnosis and an holistic approach to symptom relief reduces acupuncture to being a ‘one size fits all’ technique.  This is the same as taking an aspirin to relieve a headache – yes it will dull the pain but this relief will soon wear off as the underlying cause has not been dealt with.

Adverse effects

When performed by a well trained and experienced practitioner like myself, TCM Acupuncture has a superb safety record with minimal side effects.  Recorded side effects like bruising around the needle points are mild and resolve quickly.  On the other hand, practitioners who have undertaken these short dry needling training courses have many more recorded adverse effects as well as a lower success rate.

Traditional Acupuncture treats ALL of You, not just your symptoms!

 “If Chinese Medicine is reduced to patent remedies, we take away its soul and our approach towards the individual human being. The potential of TCM is its possibility to diagnose and treat a human individually, on all levels”

– (Nils von Below (2015) European Journal of Oriental Medicine)

The beauty of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture which I practice is the technique of treating you as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms.  I assess your entire health and include pulse and tongue diagnosis; we discuss your medical history, lifestyle and diet – every aspect which can influence your wellbeing.

With this approach you can be assured of the best possible holistic care and lasting relief from your symptoms.


I’ve just been rated within the TOP 3 of all acupuncturists in UK by the Free Business Index (and with 903 acupuncturists in total, there is some really tough competition out there). I”m so happy to share this with you and a huge thank you to all my amazing clients over the years who have taken the time to leave such positive reviews!

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