Improve Your Digestion with Acupuncture

It’s indisputable that if your digestion is good, your overall health is enhanced. It’s also indisputable that acupuncture can help with digestive function – in fact, it’s been doing so for centuries.

How Does Acupuncture Help Digestion?

It is a principal of Chinese medicine that good health depends on the proper, unrestricted flow of energy through the body. Acupuncture works by removing impediments that block energy flow to the blood, nerves, organs, muscles and tissues. In the digestive system, acupuncture clears problems that affect the proper, natural, downward flow of the digestive energy from mouth throughout the whole system.

Acupuncture also helps strengthen nutrient absorption and waste elimination. You know that when your bowels aren’t working properly, you don’t feel your best. We’re not talking here about serious disorders, just that sluggish feeling you get when things are a little bit “off.”

Acupuncture isn’t a cure-all, and it’s not intended to be an easy fix for poor nutrition. The acupuncturist Jennifer Whiteside explains the function of acupuncture in enhancing digestion as providing assistance for the digestive energy that regulates nutrient absorption and healthy elimination. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet, acupuncture can increase your overall well-being and prevent digestive disorders from developing.

You may see results immediately. Following your very first treatment, you may observe an increase in your energy level and improvement in your general health.

What Exactly is Good Digestion?

Good digestion just means that you have a healthy appetite, no gastric disturbances, and normal bowel function. Everyone is a bit different, but generally speaking, if your digestion is good, a few conditions will be present. Your tongue will be pink, with a think topcoat of white. Your stomach will do its job quietly. You will be energetic, indicating that your spleen is doing its job. You will be calm and content, free of the irritability (or even anger) that can indicate a poorly functioning liver. Your bowels will move easily, without straining.

Naomi Rabinowitz, a physician and licensed acupuncturist, advises combining acupuncture with proper diet. She maintains that by avoiding greasy foods, too much sugar, and alcohol, you are laying the groundwork for good digestion. Fast foods in general are to be avoided, and alcohol is very much the enemy of proper digestion (not to mention its other adverse effects on your health). Foods that are warm and cooked as opposed to cold and raw are the most easy to digest.

Acupuncture works in conjunction with easily digestible foods to maintain the balance that is essential to the movement of energy through the digestive system. Dr. Rabinowitz also advocates exercise and a calm, unstressed attitude as essential components in a dietary/acupuncture approach to good digestive function leading to improvement in one’s overall level of health.

If you are already enjoying good digestion, more power to you! But if you feel you could use a bit of a boost, acupuncture can provide just the assistance you need to improve your digestion, and enjoy better health in general.

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