Male Fertility and Everyday Health – Part 1

Male infertility Factors affecting sperm health

In my Clinic I see many women seeking help with both natural conception and IVF treatments; yet this only addresses half of the picture – it takes two to make a healthy baby and the male contribution is as important as the female!

In fact, sperm have been on the decline for decades: since the 1940s the number of sperm in a millilitre of semen has halved, and continues to fall, whilst abnormal sperm are on the increase.

This means there are fewer sperm being produced and the ones that are, are more likely to have double tails, double heads, large heads or swim too slowly, making them useless for healthy conception.

In Western Medicine there is a strong emphasis on female health when it comes to fertility and pregnancy – balancing hormone levels over the menstrual cycle, addressing conditions that impair fertility such as endometriosis and PCOS, boosting egg production – and often, all a man needs to do is have his sperm count checked.

This approach misses 2 vital points:

  • You cannot force a pregnancy to develop where Nature will not support it
  • The foundations of conception are healthy sperm, a healthy egg and a healthy environment for them to combine in.

Studies have shown how 30% of men with normal semen analyses still have abnormal sperm function, and early miscarriages in pregnancy are just as likely to be caused by male contributing factors as female.

Let us first look at creating the right environment for successful conception:

Environmental toxins

To really prepare for conception and pregnancy you must, as a couple, reduce exposure to as many toxins and chemicals as possible and nourish yourselves with health-full foods.

The rise in environmental ‘xenoestrogens’ is one significant cause of declining sperm numbers and quality: hormone-laden dairy and meat products, plastic wrapping, plastic food containers and chemicals in household products and toiletries disrupt natural hormone levels and sperm production.

  • Opt for organic food produce as much as possible, especially meat and dairy
  • Avoid the ‘voluntary social poisons of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and recreational drugs
  • Swap cling-wrap and plastic food tubs for glass and ceramic containers
  • Minimise household chemicals (air-fresheners, cleaning products, paints and varnishes) and use natural alternatives instead
  • Choose plant-based bodycare products: Green People, Dr. Bronner, Weleda, Dr. Hauschka and A’kin are a few of the many natural bodycare ranges available today


Sperm can be damaged by raised scrotal temperature, generally caused by tight fitting clothes and laptop computers.

  • Swap snug fitting underwear for roomy cotton boxer shorts
  • Don’t sit with your laptop directly on your lap; use a wooden lap table to raise it away from your body.

Food & Nutrition

The building blocks of healthy sperm come from foods: proteins, zinc, vitamin C, selenium, essential fats – these are all crucial nutrients for sperm formation, motility and function.  Within Traditional Chinese Medicine we also have various foods that support the vitality and flow of your Qi or life energy and I recommend these to clients to complement their acupuncture treatments.

Underlying Health Conditions

These are generally overlooked when it comes to conventional medicine and male fertility.  Poor digestion, high levels of stress hormones, low immunity: all these conditions compromise vitality and reproductive ability.  The beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture is its holistic approach and my treatments address all aspects of wellbeing to ensure you are enjoying optimum health when trying to conceive.

Do you and your partner want to give your unborn child the best possible start in life?

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