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This month is stop smoking month in the UK, otherwise known as Stoptober. If you’re not yet convinced that you should quit smoking, or feel like you might need a little helping hand along the way, then this article is for you.

Smoking is not only poisonous, addictive and offensive, but did you know that there are approximately 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, many of them toxic? Of these, many are known to cause cancer. The ingredients in cigarettes affect everything, from the internal functioning of organs to the efficiency of the body’ immune system. Yes, smoking kills, makes you sick, and affects the health of your unborn baby.

The Stop Smoking Advantage…

The good news is that when you quit smoking your body begins to repair itself. Did you know that the healing effects of quitting smoking can start within 20 minutes of your last cigarette? Furthermore, 24 hours later, the chances of a heart attack decrease as your cardiac output improves, and your sense of smell and taste return within 48 hours.

In 1 year of quitting, the chance of heart disease decreases by 90% and in 10-15 years your risk of developing lung, throat and tongue cancer will be the same as a person who has never smoked.

So, you have heard it all before, no doubt, and for some giving up seems so hard. This is how nicotine holds you. So, what would it take for you to stop? Think about it for a moment…it actually has a hold on you, mentally and physically.

If you have decided to use Stoptober to take a positive stand and kick the habit, then my acupuncture treatments and the National Stop Smoking Centres can help you in many ways.

How can acupuncture help you stop smoking?

Acupuncture offers a drug-free alternative and works by decreasing the physical cravings for tobacco. It also lessens the symptoms of withdrawal and has a sedative effect on the nervous system. The natural hormone (beta-endorphin) is released by the acupuncture treatment, resulting in physical relaxation and reduced pain sensitivity. Each treatment last about 30-40 minutes, during which special points of the ear, hand, writs and feet are treated.

After that, minute press pellets are inserted into the ear points for a few days. These “ear tags” serve to exert a constant stimulus to the specific points continuing help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

If you are ready to stop smoking in York, feel free to contact me or the National Stop Smoking Centres. We are here to help.

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