Improve Digestion with Abdominal Acupuncture

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As part of my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments I regularly practise abdominal acupuncture to improve digestion with my clients. Many ancient Chinese medical texts focus on abdominal acupuncture diagnosis, with the abdomen being described as the ‘root and foundation’ of a person.  So many vital organs are found in the abdominal region including the digestive tract, which we know now communicates constantly with your brain via its own nervous system called the enteric nervous system. Gut-Brain connections and Digestion Think of a time you felt nervous or anxious.  Did it affect your digestion?  Did you experience ‘butterflies’ in your tummy, or any aches and pains in your abdomen?  Our brain and digestive system are talking to each other all...

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Back to Health – Acupuncture Effective for Back Pain!

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Are you one of the 80% of UK adults suffering with back pain? Do you rely on painkillers to make it through the day? Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture may have the answer! Back pain costs the NHS over £1 million each year and is the cause of countless absences from work, costing the economy even more. Stress, poor posture, lack of exercise and sleeping on an old mattress are some of the most common causes of back pain and many sufferers say the pain makes them feel older than their years. #Back to Health This month the British Acupuncture Council launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the success Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture has in relieving back pain. The ‘Back to Health’ campaign aims to encourage people to opt for TCM...

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